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Computer System Engineer


Job Description

  1. Develop data migration service to migrate users, account, device data and history data.
  2. Implement catch up migration service to catch up iuser changes during the data migration and forward data to consumers.
  3. Implement clean up process to clean up test resources.
  4. Upgrade Elastic search and deploy elastic search with new image in development environment.
  5. Support Dev Ops team deploying Elastic search into pre-production, staging and production environments.
  6. Create Splunk report, alert and dashboard for migration and exceptions throwed from synchronization process and failures from deletion retry process.
  7. Document the frequent exceptions for the DevOps team.
  8. Trouble shoot and fix the exceptions from synchronization process and test API’s.
  9. Support to solve issues reported by our consumer.
  10. Release project to Development, QA, Staging and Production environments and support.


Qualifications & Requirements


Position requires a Masters’ degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field of study.


Travel required to unanticipated client locations all over the United States. Mail resume to: Mercury Systems Inc., 5 Independence Way, Ste 140, Princeton, NJ 08540.


This is a full time position, 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday. Salary offered is $93,808.00 per year.